Disney Princess Weekend 2015: Epcot for adults

If you’d like to read my previous posts on this weekend, please see this page.  At the end of this article I have listed some tips for an adult’s only day at Epcot (with or without running a half marathon the day before!).

The day after the race, the husband and I headed back to the Polynesian, but this time to eat breakfast at the Kona Cafe.  I originally had a reservation for breakfast at Ohana, but at the last minute decided it was too kid-oriented.  If we were here with our children, we would of course chosen the character meal, but this was an adults only trip, so I wanted to make choices we wouldn’t normally make.

Kona seemed crowded, and there were a couple of families that seemed grumpy about having to wait.  I recommend getting and advance reservation, like we did.  Our wait was minimal.  The cafe is located on the 2nd floor of the Polynesian (the level where the monorail stops).  It isn’t highly themed, but it’s decorated in much the same way as the rest of the Poly, just with more of a diner feel to the style.

The food, though.  Phenomenal.  I ordered the Tonga Toast because it looked good, having never heard anything about it before.  Holy wow.  I wish I had a picture!  It was a piece of sourdough bread the size of dictionary, stuffed with an entire banana, deep fried and then rolled in cinnamon sugar.  The strawberry compote it was served with was the absolute bomb.  I ate every bite.  When we got home the next day, I googled copy-cat recipes, and I can’t wait to recreate this at home.

My husband got some kind of sausage, eggs, pancake combo that looked good but honestly I was so enthralled by the Tonga Toast I hardly noticed his food.

We went to Epcot after breakfast.  I had a plan to do some rides and then eat/drink our way around World Showcase.  I hadn’t been to Epcot since I was a little girl, and I didn’t really enjoy the rides.  If you are nostalgic about them, like I am about some of the Magic Kingdom rides, then go for it.  I wish we had skipped all the rides and gone straight to World Showcase because we didn’t have enough time to see all of the countries.

I would like to offer my opinion on some of the rides, although I’m sure many would disagree with me.  Mission to Mars made me far too uncomfortable.  I do not get motion sickness, but toward the end of that (you are spun in a centrifuge) I felt ill.  It was very cool, but I’ll never do it again.  Test Track, likewise, was a bit much for me, and not so exciting.  I’m sure my son would’ve loved it, though.

We also went on Soarin’, Living with the Land, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and the Gran Fiesta Tour.  Soarin’ struck me as old-fashioned, not up to date technology, but we both enjoyed it.  Living with the Land was just a nice boat ride, and it felt good to sit.  It too felt dated.  The Seas with Nemo and Friends made me wish we had skipped it because it felt too much like a kids ride.  We both really enjoyed the Gran Fiesta Tour, however.  It was so much like the great original Walt Disney World rides, the classics; we truly enjoyed this ride.

Our first stop in World Showcase was Norway.  Some of the topiaries were beginning to appear for the flower show in a few weeks.  We stopped at the Kringla Bakerei Og Cafe for a school bread:  a big puff pastry donut thingy filled with vanilla cream and dusted with powdered sugar and toasted coconut.  My husband refused to let me have the last bite!

IMG_3523 IMG_3522

Next we stopped in Germany.  We had a look in the German beer hall, which was nicely done and the food did smell delicious.  I noticed a shop that had wine tasting, so of course we had to stop.  Even my German husband was impressed.

Our favorite wine

Our favorite wine

So we can find it again!

So we can find it again!

We ate an early dinner, late lunch at the San Angel Inn in Mexico.  The atmosphere here was just wonderful!  It’s located in the Aztec temple, and it feels like you’re in a square in Mexico City underneath the stars.  The Oaxacan art they had for sale was also authentic and beautiful.  There were even craftsmen working on several pieces.  My husband has been to Mexico often, and he was impressed by the artwork.

Our waiter was quite good.  He was very friendly and professional, everything presented to us with flair.  My husband asked for his recommendation for an entree, and he was not disappointed.  He had the Tacos de Carne (New York strip tacos).  I chose the Pollo a la Rajas, and it too was delicious.  I’ve heard of people not enjoying the food in this restaurant, but both my husband and I agreed that it tasted authentic and delicious.

We walked leisurely through China, Japan, France, and England, stopping to see performers.  The buildings are stunning.  Morocco was also cool, and if we hadn’t been so full perhaps we would’ve stopped for some mint tea.  We found a spot on the terrace of the Rose & Crown, bought a beer and waited for the Illuminations:  Reflections of Earth show to begin (I recommend getting there at least 45 minutes early, like we did).

Sun setting

Sun setting

IMG_3520 IMG_3518 IMG_3517

The show did not disappoint, and we had a fantastic view.  Getting back to the bus with the crowd of people leaving Epcot after the show was not so bad, as long as you are prepared for it.

It was a good day, we agreed, but, like I said before, I wish we’d skipped out on the majority of the rides and spent our time at World Showcase.

Starbucks, my medal, and Epcot

Starbucks, my medal, and Epcot

Tips for an Adult’s Only Day at Epcot in Walt Disney World

  1.  Unless you are a huge fan of these rides, I recommend skipping most of them with the exception of the Gran Tour with the Three Caballeros and possibly Spaceship Earth (if you’ve never done it, it’s pretty neat).
  2. Start in Norway with breakfast at the Kringla Backerei Og Cafe, and get several school breads (trust me).
  3. Work your way around each country, enjoy the performers, look in the shops (you don’t necessarily have to buy anything, but the authentic items they have for sale are pretty cool).
  4. Eat and/or drink something unique in each country.  Wander into all of the buildings you can, even if you’re not eating at Akershus or the beer hall in Germany or San Angel Inn, they are very interesting to see.
  5. Eat dinner at one of the top rated restaurants such as Via Napoli in Italy or Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada.
  6. Find a great viewing area around the lake, get there up to an hour before Illuminations starts.  Relax, drink, talk, take turns going into the shops while some stay to hold your places.
  7. Don’t sweat leaving the park with the crowds.  The fleets of buses are lined up and go fairly quickly.  Now, cars in the parking lot could be a different story…

What is your favorite thing to eat/drink at Epcot?


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