Tone It Up Fit for Fall Charity Challenge

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Back in the spring, after I broke/sprained my toe (who knows, the main thing is it hurt to run and I needed to rest and heal), I researched other ways to keep myself motivated and in shape while I couldn’t run.  I wanted to include more strength training in my routine.  A friend said she used Tone It Up to stay in shape.  So I decided to check it out.

Tone It Up is a fitness brand started by two friends, Karena and Katrina.  They are both personal trainers in their 30s, and started by making YouTube exercise videos.  Every Tuesday they release a new (free!) exercise video on their YouTube channel.  Their Bikini Series was just beginning, so I decided to join.  You can join their fitness challenges for free.  You sign up, and they include you in that series’ email newsletter.  You check the email and their blog (I use their app) for the week’s exercise schedule.  Of course, it’s a business, they need to make money, naturally they include workouts only available on their DVDs.  What I liked was they also gave you alternatives if you didn’t own the DVDs; they would list free videos for you to do.  They would also include a sample meal plan and free recipes.

I followed along for free for a while and then I decided to take the plunge and buy the package.  I got their DVD and meal plan for $199.  That is a steep price, yes, and it’s not for everyone.  But with that one purchase you are a Tone it Up member for life.  Each new meal plan or challenge they have, you get it for free.  If you look at it in terms of other diet plans, that’s a deal.  A monthly e-subscription to Weight Watchers will set you back $40 a month.

I find Karena and Katrina to be very motivating. Their workouts are challenging, but realistic (and short!).  I definitely saw results.  One of the things that draws me to Tone It Up is they do not emphasize weight loss or any one body type.  They seem more focused on a healthy lifestyle (which should lead you to a healthy weight) and how you feel about yourself.  Of course, they are cut and buffed bodies themselves, but that’s their job.  I never feel that they are trying to make me “skinny.”  The goal seems to be just to build and uncover muscles.

I always say that the right “program” for you is the one that works, and this works for me.  I was excited to sign up for the Fit for Fall Charity Challenge.  I immediately received the starter pack, an e-document that includes motivational tips, an explanation about their 100 “miles” for charity challenge (using the Charity Miles app), their prizes (including drawings to donate $200 to the charity of your choice), fall recipes, and an explanation of their plan.

I love this challenge.  Their challenges always include a personal element that is more about your emotional/mental health; encouraging you to treat yourself kindly.  I’m all about that.  This challenge also includes practicing gratitude (thus, the charity challenge aspect).  It’s a bit of extra motivation and getting out of your own head that I feel is important in keeping yourself healthy.

I’ll be following along with the challenge on social media (Instagram, join me!  It’s fun!  No, really, it really is!

Do you every change things up with a challenge, official or personal?


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