Review: Part 1

Have you heard of  You pay money to join a group (typically running for 6 weeks) where you are “betting” that you can lose 4% of your body weight by a specified date.

A running for weight loss group I am a part of is running one that recently started, so I decided to join.  I bet $25.  I had to take a picture of myself on a scale, and a picture of the number, along with a secret “password.”  My starting weight was then verified.  This is one of the ways they prevent cheating (you can read more about that on their site).  Nobody can see your weight unless you allow them to by checking a box when you sign in.

Some find this motivating, which obviously I’m hoping I will.  Others find the idea distasteful and perhaps focusing on the wrong path towards health.  Diet Bet doesn’t endorse any diet, participants can lose the weight in the way that works for them.  I agree with this premise somewhat, different programs work for different people; on the other hand, it does nothing to prevent someone from losing weight in an unhealthy and dangerous manner (starvation, pills, etc.).

I decided to give it a go in the name of variety and research.  I’m already down .2 pounds!  Very exciting.  I’m not following any sort of plan, other than using My Fitness Pal to track my food intake.  I’m aiming for a 3-500 calorie deficit a day, which includes exercise calories.  I track my exercise calories using my Garmin and my UP24 band, which are conveniently connected to the MFP account.

My goal is to lose weight to feel comfortable in my own skin, improve my running, and relieve pressure on my knees.  This, in combination with participation in the Tone It Up Fit for Fall challenge should keep me on track!  I’ll be updating as the contest goes along, it ends in October.  Wish me luck!


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